Animated Explainer Video Services

Are you looking to market your product or service and improve customer engagement?

It’s time to leverage the potential of animated explainer videos that can bring an idea or concept to life and cut through complexity.

Humans are visual by nature, and it is proven that videos can boost sales conversions by up to 80%. Consumers stay longer on web pages with videos because they would rather watch a video explanation than read a lot of text.

Webyroo is an explainer video agency in Wollongong, Australia, offering animated explainer video services. We produce animated explainer videos in motion graphics, 2D, 3D, and whiteboard animation.

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Explainer Video Services

Animated videos are one of the most powerful tools to help promote or explain your business. They capture the attention of your customer audience longer and more thoroughly than any other advertising medium.

Webyroo is a leading contemporary explainer video company that provides engaging short-duration animated explainer videos in various formats, including 2D videos, 3D videos and motion graphics videos. Explainer videos can be animated or live recorded and are great on landing pages, social media pages, or email newsletters.

Why Webyroo?

Webyroo is a leading explainer video company in Wollongong, near Sydney, Australia, that offers exclusive animated explainer video production services. We help capture the essence of your ideas and core messages through our engaging, on-message videos.

At Webyroo, we follow a customer-centric approach, prioritising your business goals. We provide best-in-class solutions and inform you of progress at every development phase.

Our team at Webyroo leverages the latest tools, technologies, and best practices to give you an edge over your competitors. We deliver innovative and simple solutions to complex business problems.

Explainer Videos FAQs

An explainer video is a short and catchy video made to inform customers about how your product or service can resolve specific issues or needs that they have. It will include a call to action. You can show the problem and offer the solution within a minute or two with an explainer video. They can be distributed everywhere on social media, emails, and YouTube and are commonly placed on website landing pages.

They can be used for information and demonstration purposes, or to guide an audience through the process of using a complex product or service.

Explainer videos help to inform people about various aspects of service provision companies, such as what services they provide, hours, bookings, eligibility, and other important considerations.

Webyroo is a leading explainer video production agency in Wollongong, near Sydney, Australia, offering animated explainer videos to engage, inform, and convert your leads into customers.

Companies embed explainer videos in their landing pages, social media pages, and marketing content to create a quick connection with viewers.

Business owners who put their animated explainer videos on YouTube are using the second most powerful search engine (after Google). There’s no doubt about the number of people who use YouTube every day to search for products or services and find solutions to their problems.

Contact Webyroo to discuss how to use quality animated explainer videos in your marketing content, website, elevator pitch, or presentations.

There are many different types of animation, so it is worth looking at what will work best for your business need. Some types can be combined for effect. Here are just a few.

Motion graphics explainer videos

Motion graphics is a type of animated graphic design that usually features a lot of text and simple graphics. While traditional animated videos usually centre around characters and decorative settings, motion graphics videos give life to stories that otherwise wouldn’t be visual, using shapes, graphics, and text to visually represent the story being told.

Webyroo is a top animated explainer video production company that delivers versatile motion graphics videos to communicate your business ideas effectively.

2D animation explainer videos

2D animation explainer videos are the most understood and traditional form of animation. 2D animation is the process of creating images in two-dimensional environments. It is a simple yet effective method that is used widely by companies to present captivating videos to their target audiences.

Webyroo is a leading explainer video company that delivers 2D animation explainer videos with impressive storylines, original illustrations, and professional graphics, to startups and established enterprises.

3D animation explainer videos

3D animation adds a third dimension – depth – to the animation process, creating a highly dynamic animated environment, the kind we all recognise from movies, video games and short films. 3D animation is widely used in many fields. It’s one of the most effective tools for successful branding, because it communicates a lot quickly. The brain can process visual images up to 60,000 times faster than text. This means you can say much more in a shorter amount of time.

Webyroo’s expert explainer video team will showcase your product or service through a visually rich 3D animation video that will capture customer attention and increase sales conversions.

Whiteboard animation explainer videos

Whiteboard animation is a video style that shows the static viewer images being drawn on the screen. Typically, the illustrations are accompanied by a narration that walks the audience through the story or the steps being told within the drawing. These animations are simple yet engaging.

Webyroo offers whiteboard animation explainer videos for your business that can be applied in various areas, including presentations, product/service offerings, and marketing strategies.

Live-action videos

Live-action video is a recording, usually of real people and real locations, rather than a digitally created video.

Few things can beat a relatable person, authentically communicating an engaging, relatable message. That’s the benefit of creating live-action explainer videos. Think about the power of social media influencers these days – real people convincing others about many things. It works.

It’s worth remembering that not all customers are buying your product (there might be many others like it). They’re buying your brand, and how it makes them feel.

Webyroo, the best explainer video agency in Wollongong, near Sydney, Australia, offers engaging motion graphics, 2D, 3D, and whiteboard animation explainer videos as a part of its service offerings.

Webyroo, the best explainer video agency in Wollongong, Australia, offers engaging motion graphics, 2D, 3D, and whiteboard animation explainer videos as a part of its service offerings.

At Webyroo, we follow a systematic process for explainer video production. It involves a series of stages, including:

  • discussion and planning: Here, the Webyroo teamwork with you to understand your business, products/services, and objectives, finding answers to questions, such as: Why do you need this video? Who are your target audiences? What do you want as the “tone” of the video? Who are your main competitors/brands? In this stage, we also explain what Webyroo can offer. Developing a project scope agreement is the culmination of this phase if proceeding.
  • script development comes next, and it’s the most important phase – it’s good for you to be really involved in this phase, as you know your target audience’s needs and pain points better than anyone else.
  • storyboarding is the stage for outlining the video story, perhaps clarified with your ideas and drawings brought to the table. This outline would look a bit like a comic strip format.
  • illustration and animation come next. Here our Webyroo professional illustrators will draw graphic elements based on the storyboard frames. Suppose you’ve chosen to film real-life objects or people for your video. In that case, this is the stage where the Webyroo production team will capture footage and edit it to mirror your storyboard.
  • finally, the all-important audio overlay, is where your script comes in, whether you’re relying on dialogue, voiceovers, or a combination of both. And music is added as a final important step.
  • Script: there’s a lot of skill involved in writing a script for an explainer video. There is a definite sweet spot at the intersection of being informative and addressing an issue for the audience, while also being fun and engaging. A strong script is needed, to make the necessary points in just 60 – 90 seconds.
  • Message: You want to get across the message that your brand will address the customer’s need, and to make your brand, your message, memorable. You want to encourage viewers to take action.
  • Animations: Unless you specifically choose a live video option, then an explainer video should include animations because they work so well.

Webyroo, the best explainer video agency in Wollongong, near Sydney, Australia, understands the explainer video market, how animated videos are consumed by your target audiences, the latest trends, the many types of video content, animated video voiceovers, and how to engage consumers.


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