Why Having a Website Is Essential for Your Business?

Reasons to have website for your business

There is a very simple response to this statement – we’ll tell you more if you read on – but, in a nutshell, having a great and functional website is essential these days to get in front of your potential customer’s eyes, to be findable, because really, most families are making use of digital marketing these days to find what they want and to buy it or book it.

It’s known that 76% of people who search on their smartphones for a product or service nearby, visit a business within a day (from Think with Google). Order over the phone? Get delivered? A quick dash from home to your physical location …. will they find your business? If you also have eCommerce set up, or you are an eCommerce-only business, the quality of your website or platform is even more crucial in terms of ease and functionality. Being a top web development company, we can assist you in creating an online store with a seamless experience.

In business and marketing, the digital age has brought constant advances in technology, connectivity, and convenience. And our community has either kept up or caught up.

Think back over 2020/2021 with the pandemic – so many people of all ages became experts in using their smartphones for QR entries and for shopping from home for groceries and other things. Both during the lockdowns or just when wanting to minimise their activities out and about. As working and schooling from home became more the norm, people lived (and are still living) even more of their lives online – digitally – than ever before. Many had a steep learning curve about technology from the end-user point of view.

Both customers and business owners have become much savvier.

Customers will find your website if you have an optimised one and then will quickly decide whether to linger and hopefully purchase (or make a booking if you are a service provider). Decisions can be made almost instantly, and if your website is a problem in any way, one-click or flick and they’re gone! It’s not necessarily just that people have short attention spans, but time is precious, and they won’t wait around for a lousy unreadable mobile site or a slow-loading or glitchy website.

Way back in March 2021, we wrote a blog post called “Growth of Ecommerce in Australia“, because we were right in the thick of it all then, as eCommerce surged!

Between March and September 2020, more than 1 million new Australian households shopped online in that first pandemic year. That was big news. Tens of thousands of new businesses launched. A record 34,868 new businesses formally signed up with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission nationally in June 2021 alone.

More recently, national online purchase growth in December 2021 was up 1.5% when compared to 2020, but over 35% higher than December 2019. (Australia Post report 1/1/2022).

Ecommerce is thriving and here to stay. And customers use both websites and social media platforms to find what they want and make their purchases in response to digital marketing.

Having a great website linking to your business’s social media platforms is how to succeed now. This enables digital marketing to reach everyone with a smartphone or tablet at their fingertips. Digital marketing is the new marketing; it’s more effective and immediate than traditional marketing forms. It can convert traffic into leads and sales and is more easily evaluated in terms of marketing campaign outcomes.

If you think you are not tech-savvy enough to create a great website or that it will cost too much to engage a professional, think about a free consultation with our Founder Tony Jose. Click here to book a call for an initial chat about your needs, goals, and pain points…. Tony can let you know what Webyroo as a top website development company can offer, how we work, and what would be involved in a design process that suits your specific needs.

Top 6 reasons to have your website for Business:

  1. It will give you credibility

    To have a legitimate digital presence and gain credibility, you need to have a website these days. Customers expect it. It’s as simple as that. The best way to stand out is by having a professional looking well-functioning, and accessible website that conveys essential information most easily and quickly possible. Having a good website gives you an opportunity to showcase your work, your products, your services, in the manner that suits you best, showing the “personality” and style or tone that customers might be looking for.

  2. It will help in brand building

    A great optimised website will attract more visitors who will become customers via your digital marketing. Consider some relevant, useful, catchy content, perhaps a short introduction video or explainer video? Photos and images are also very important elements of a website.

    By clearly establishing your brand identity, you can go a long way towards ensuring that potential customers will buy from you. You can define your brand on your website, differentiate it from others, link to social media. Without a website, you can’t compete with other businesses, because people simply won’t find you.

  3. It will bring traffic to your website from user searches

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is another essential tool these days, which acts as a digital marketing campaign for businesses. It’s essential because it’s what makes your website stand out among the hundreds and thousands of other businesses competing in the online space. With Aussies googling for local businesses like never before, you must be quickly visible on a Google Search results list, or customers will soon be purchasing elsewhere.

    SEO means to modify/optimise your website and other off-page elements so that Google Search can analyse your web pages and add them to its massive search index. Then, when someone performs a search query with certain keywords, Google’s complex search algorithms sort through the index to find the most relevant results. Google Search algorithms, which are constantly updated, are incredibly sophisticated and use numerous factors to rank web pages. You want your business, your site, your products, ranked high in the search results to attract the eye of the shopper and convert traffic into leads and sales.

  4. It will give you leads

    Websites are a primary source of generating leads. Once people find your site and see your product or service, and consider your brand, they will be able to contact you or buy then and there as the case may be. A great website can be a great Return on Investment (ROI), especially if combined with SEO.

    It probably won’t save you time but….A website can contain a lot of information about your business that would otherwise be unavailable to the customer. People really like a quick fix, a quick answer, info at their fingertips! Some may still choose to call you, and then your personal communication skills will take over…. but certainly having a really great, clear, easy website will reduce calls for basic information, and will ensure that the customer has a good experience.

  5. It will enable digital marketing

    As we said above, digital marketing is the thing, and getting the approach or the “tone” right can be the easy part, because you know your customers and their needs. The technical aspects, such as the design of the website to make it truly user friendly, the optimising for the search engines, and integration with social media, may require some professional help. Think Return on Investment.

  6. It can be designed to give users a great experience

    Designing a website with the end-user in mind is the practice of intentionally designing a website, or mobile application so that the user has a truly positive experience. It’s a combination of psychology, engineering, classic design, and web design principles. Primarily, the user experience is designed to avoid frustration and delays and to be effortless.

    Also, keeping your customers up to date with changes to your products, services, prices, anything, in fact, is very important and is a lot easier with a website. This can avoid disappointment when a customer calls, drops in, or tries to buy online only to find that you’re out of stock or something has changed about the product or service. This can make people cranky. As one of the best Web development agencies in Wollongong, we ensure that this does not happen.


Having a great optimised website that is designed with the users in mind, as a basis for digital marketing, has become an integral part of running a business. Your website and your products and services can differentiate your business from your competitors. 

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