How To Create A Marketing Plan- For Dropshipping – Part 3


7 Great Tips and Ideas

We previously discussed what exactly is dropshipping and how you can go about starting your own dropshipping business in Australia (see part 1 and part 2 of dropshipping business). Once you have decided, planned, and hit the ground, it is now important to start thinking about how you can maximize your lead conversion and stand out in the competition.

Let’s explore the different marketing tools that can help your business expand the reach to a larger audience.

  1. Ads on Social Media
    According to Statista’s research, the population share of active social media users in Australia is continually growing. In 2020, 71 percent of the population were active users compared to just 58 percent in 2015. (source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/680201/australia-social-media-penetration)This is a good reason to consider using social media for your marketing needs. Paid advertisements with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. are great because they have large customer data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to help you reach potential customers at varying costs. Choosing the right platform for your needs is the key to effective paid advertising.
  2. Get involved with the Communities
    Consider using community platforms like Reddit and Quora, to interact with potential customers. The audience on these forums are usually enthusiasts who are passionate about a product or a niche. You can organically establish yourself as an expert by consistently responding to group discussions, answering specific queries, or initiating meaningful discussions. This style of organic branding is a powerful way of educating people about your products.
  3. Content Marketing
    The good old content marketing uses blogs, videos, animations, infographics, and podcasts to talk about your product. Information provision is one of the best ways to create interest for niche enthusiasts. You can showcase your individuality and expertise in your business through original and meaningful content. This will earn credibility for you and your business.
  4. Email Marketing
    Email marketing still holds ground despite the emergence of social media marketing. You may approach customers with promotional emails that present information in an organized and sophisticated manner. Email marketing is a strong and effective lead conversion tool to remind customers of pending carts, or inform existing customers about offers, discounts, anniversaries, etc. to keep them returning to your stores.
  5. Influencers
    If you can spare some additional budget, you can rely on genuine influencers to spread the word on your behalf. The public highly prefers their opinions, and that positivity can surely increase sales and website traffic. An influencer can be given a free product to test so that they can talk about it to their followers and spread the word.
  6. Sharing is Caring
    A new business needs help from family and friends! It is the first channel to get visibility for your products, services and even your brand. Your near and dear ones can be your early adopters and promoters and help spread the word for you. This will gradually help to reel in more like-minded people who are also more easily accessible.
  7. Use Essential Tips and Tricks
    Many online retailers grapple with cart abandonment issue, with average abandonment rate varying between 60% and 80% worldwide. Remind your customers of pending orders in their cart. Display “related items” section when customers look for a particular product. This will assist in up-selling and cross-selling of items. Bring in subscription or loyalty programs for return customers.Most importantly, have a clean and crisp website that allows your customers to navigate clearly through the product catalogue.

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So, there you have it, 7 great tips that sum up almost everything that is there to do for your marketing plan. The right mix of these golden tips should be used by all businesses to maximize potential. Tick these off from your to-do list, and witness your brand growing.

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