How to choose a digital marketing agency in Wollongong, near Sydney, Australia?


As the world is shifting much more to digital, we all realise how important it is for any business to have a digital presence and effective digital marketing strategies to continue to be in front of customers (or potential customers). Digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing. Australians have taken to online shopping, including googling for local businesses, like never before – thanks to the pandemic – and if you are not quickly visible on a Google search results list, customers will soon be purchasing elsewhere.

In addition, it’s known that 76% of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby, visit a business within a day (from Think with Google). Think of all the Googlers in Wollongong or the Illawarra, currently searching on their smartphones, for something they can order online, get picked up, or pick up themselves in a quick dash out of the home. Will they find your business?

Just having a website is not enough. Ask yourself – Is your website or your product or service findable with the keywords or logical words people use to search? Does it load quickly? Is it effortless to navigate? Is it kept up to date? People have short attention spans or little patience when searching for something. They’ll be clicking away quickly if they can’t cut to the chase.

The answer is a great website design with your ideas and vision, balanced by excellent content/copy and search engine optimisation (SEO). If you know your digital marketing needs, such as building a fast and functional website for mobile devices, perhaps generating more leads, launching a new product or accelerating brand awareness across platforms, a digital marketing company is what you need.

If this sounds either alien, terrifying or like too much work for a busy person or team, help is just a Zoom call away! We’re here to make your decision-making process easier!

4 x logical steps to pick the best digital marketing company in Wollongong:

1. Know your needs

Understanding your needs is essential, but on the other hand, you may not know what you need just yet if all things or some things digital are a bit of a mystery to you. Understanding what is required for a fully functioning digital presence in marketing is complicated. You’re not on your own there! But on the plus side – you know your own business and products or services. You know the “tone” of your business (sporty? serious medical? fast fashion?). You know your finances, the time and energy you and your team have, and you know what you don’t know – that’s plenty to start with!

2. Research – looking for a local digital marketing agency?

Partnering with a digital marketing agency is the next step, and Webyroo is the digital marketing agency of choice in the Wollongong area.

Many digital marketing agencies state they provide “full service”, but they often prefer to work with projects that come under their particular specialties. Actual full-service digital marketing agencies include content writing, blogging, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, web design and development, web applications, mobile applications, explainer videos, eCommerce and much more. Understanding which specialty might be beneficial for your business will help you recognise the best digital marketing company for you. It’s essential to do your homework!

Click here to book in a call with Webyroo’s Founder Tony Jose for an initial no-cost talk about your needs, goals, pain points…. and Tony can let you know about what Webyroo can offer, how we work, and what would be involved in a design process to suit your specific needs.

3. Invest in value for money – think the return on investment

“Return on investment” (ROI) is a significant concept to appreciate when planning a big step in your business.

A partnership with Webyroo means Webyroo listening to you and hearing about your needs and concerns about the digital aspects of your business. Webyroo will help you define your goals and vision – keeping customer needs and experiences front and centre while working through the design process. The focus must be ultimately on the end-user. The end-user experience is primarily designed to avoid frustration and delays and be effortless. This collaboration to seek the best customer experience on your site or application is essential for businesses. It can significantly reduce costs down the track – think ROI. Troubleshooting and re-working cost time and money, whereas a great user experience can help with conversions.

4. Testimonials and case studies

It would be best if you were confident that the digital marketing agency you choose to work with has integrity and the expertise that you need. Trust needs to be there. However, that’s hard when you don’t know enough and don’t have recommendations, perhaps.

Try these tips:

  • it’s good to read or watch the testimonials and reviews on the agency’s website
  • go through their social media pages, get a feel for their “tone”, their “business personality” Does it fit with your business’s style? 
  • read their long content blogs to get a feel for the depth of knowledge and experience in the business 
  • look up their ABN/ACN 
  • take advantage of any no-obligation meetings or phone chats offered (have your list ready!)   
  • ask them about their company values 
  • who are some of their previous clients in Wollongong or further afield?
  • ask how they would measure success
  • ask about anything you don’t understand – terminology, time commitment and timelines, contracts
  • if you want help with marketing, ask about what types/brands of marketing do they accommodate
  • what about copy/content writing? Will some or all of that be deferred to you?


Would you like a design team, a digital marketing team in Wollongong, to bring your vision to life?
To create a website that looks great and performs brilliantly?

Please feel free to contact us at Webyroo – Best Digital Marketing Agency in Australia, about any aspect of managing your digital presence.  Webyroo will help you. Click here to book a call now or check out this digital marketing case study video which shows how we help small to medium businesses.


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