10 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Copywriting Agency

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Copywriting is an essential building block of your marketing effort. It includes any written material that talks about your brand or communicates with your customers, from a short copy on your social media page to a more extended website blog detailing a product or service.

Choosing a copywriting agency is an extremely important decision. It’s not easy if it’s not your thing. Words don’t come easy, as they say, and words for business can be daunting, especially written material.

Most business owners are very happy to talk about their business, products, or services with potential customers. Think about how you come across when you talk on the phone to a client or prospective customer. Genuine, professional, friendly, honest. You really want to communicate with the person you’re talking to, engage them. You don’t use jargon, and you stick with clear explanations. You’re guided by the caller’s existing knowledge and her or his actual enquiry. What do they want to know? What are their concerns?

But when it comes to writing, copywriting is really in the realm of experts. After all, it is going to be a cornerstone of your strategic marketing plan.

There are a few things to bear in mind before hiring a copywriting service to ensure that you are hiring the very best agency for your business.

  1. Check out their website.

    A SEO copywriting agency must have great content on its website. If they didn’t write well for their own website, this would say something. How do you feel when you look at the website? Can you find the information that you want? Is it persuasive? Do they have longer form blogs that demonstrate their knowledge and expertise? 

  2. Is it clear that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of their specialities?

    Regardless of your type of business site, i.e., a business website, an eCommerce site, a web or mobile application or a software product, a professional copywriter who provides SEO copywriting service will write intentionally, including keywords for SEO purposes that will ensure your business is visible and findable in terms of Google search results rankings. Keywords will get results for you in other important ways, such as building brand awareness and assisting searchers in finding what they’re looking for – and hopefully, see your business first. 

    Professional copywriting will pay for itself, especially if combined with performance marketing. They understand the massive importance of keywords for marketing/SEO purposes. 

  3. Check their portfolio 

    When looking for an SEO copywriting service, make sure that you go through the portfolios of any copywriting agencies that take your fancy. It’s helpful to know what previous work they have done, as this will help you assess whether they are the right agency for you or not. 

    An agency doesn’t necessarily need years of experience writing copy, as long as it has done great work already, and you can see what’s been done. It’s helpful if you’ve been given a direct recommendation from a friend or associate. Otherwise, look for authentic reviews and testimonials. And really dig into some websites they have either designed or written copy for. 

  4. Look for specialists in your field

    Not all digital marketing agencies can provide SEO copywriting services. Try to find specialists who have worked in your business area and have experience when it comes to writing for your industry. It will be easier for them and for you to collaborate on your copywriting projects when a common or linked frame of reference exists. You know your business better than anyone, but writing with SEO in mind and specific marketing goals, is not for sissies!

  5. Before hiring, make sure they know the market

    These days, in many instances, business practice and culture is not tied to a physical location. The Covid pandemic has taught us that. Work such as copywriting can be carried out in any space in the digital sphere. 

    It need not matter what city, state, or even country your copywriters are working from, but it’s important that your writers know the audience they are writing for. You won’t be writing copy for everyone. This would lead to reaching no one. You must know who your potential customers are and, how to reach them, how to communicate with them. The approach, the language, the tone, are all-important. 

    Again, it is about communication, so “culture” in all its forms needs to be considered. Who are your demographic and cultural target groups – culture being used in its broadest meanings here – young hip-hop artists, retirees travelling the country in a motorhome, teenagers, fashionistas?  

    Can your copywriter write for the Aussie audience in general terms? Whilst also targeting the specific groups you wish to reach? 

    Experienced copywriters know how to write for different target audiences. It’s essential that the tone is right – for example, on a medical service website, compared with the tone that would suit a camping supplies eCommerce site or an IT start-up’s social media sites. A great copywriter creates content appropriate to the site, including succinct, correct information endorsing the benefits of your products/services and how these products or services will help the consumer or solve their problem. 

  6. Talk to the copywriters

    Talking to the copywriter you are going to work with can help you get a good idea of how they will approach writing copy for your brand, for your specific marketing campaign. It’s important to prepare for your phone or video discussion. Make a list of questions, be clear, if you can, about what you want to achieve, but also be ready to listen for good suggestions from a professional, especially if you’re new to the intricacies of copy and content in the marketing context. In addition, be ready for a few questions from the person you’re talking to, your SEO copywriting service provider, who will want to know a bit about your business, its goals, target groups, time frame, etc. 

  7.  Sample copies

    Mockups can be truly helpful in understanding if an agency can pull off what you are looking for. Make sure that you describe your brand and give them all the background information they need to write a copy that satisfies your needs. A copy mockup could be part of an overall website content mockup which would give you an idea of the overall brand design, theme and feel of your product or campaign. It could include brand design features such as the colour palette, the key calls-to-action, and supporting visuals to give you an idea….  it just depends on what you negotiate with the copywriter/web designer. It would give you and the copywriter a basis for further collaboration. 

  8. Customer reviews

    When reviewing their portfolio, make sure that you pay attention to customer reviews and testimonials. It can speak volumes about the agency’s work and their work ethic, which is just as important as the quality of work in the long run. 

    More than testimonials, make sure that you are reading customer reviews as they tend to talk more about the whole experience of working with the agency rather than just focusing on the work aspect.

  9. How good are they at research?

    Research is the cornerstone of good copywriting. An agency that can research your business and your industry well (even before a meeting with you) will be worth your time. 

    A professional copywriter will be able to do the relevant research and consult with you about the findings. It should be a collaborative process, and together you would decide on the way forward. If you also utilize performance marketing for your business, it will be easy to monitor and track various aspects of your marketing campaigns and to adjust if necessary

  10. Clarity enables trust

    Clarity is of utmost importance. Be clear about whether you need a copywriter only, a web designer, or both. 

    After you have chosen a copywriting agency, you would negotiate a contract, which would include clarity about the project scope, the timeline, fees, payment method, the number of re-writes included, the target audience and their needs, how many people would be involved and who the editor would be. It may also include other work you need to do, such as website design or brand design. 

    Once this is all in place, the exciting part begins! 

In Summary

Choosing a professional copywriting agency need not be a long process, but it is essential for building your brand and for successful marketing. 

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