10 Reasons Why Your business needs an explainer video


Everyone today, especially startups, is making explainer videos. You may have seen your competition make it and decided that you want to make one for yourself.

But you shouldn’t do something just because your competitor is doing it.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting an explainer video made –

1. Better conversion rates

People are more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer video. Explainer videos are really important for online businesses who want to show off their product to a large market.

It helps the audience understand the product clearly, its features, and its benefits. It shows off the product’s ability to solve a problem or fulfill a need. It also helps you in gaining insight into popular products and conversions resulting from video views. An explainer video helps you convert website visitors to customers.

2. Explain your product/service clearly

Unlike texts on your website that can be misinterpreted due to jargon or hard-to-understand language, the chances of an explainer video being misinterpreted are very low.

Showing your customer a short video about your product, its concept, and the problem that it solves is ultimately better because it helps your build a connection with the customer.

3. Increase conversions through interest

The best way to increase conversions is to make sure that your product is explained to the audience in the most interesting and interactive way possible. This can be done by using videos on social media.

70% of users on the internet watch videos, and 50% of all people around the world will watch videos. Videos trend on social media the most, so having an explainer video that can increase the reach of your brand makes a lot of sense.

4. SERP Ranking

As days go by, the customer’s attention span gets lower and lower. Websites loaded with information are no longer tolerated on the first pages of Google search results. These overloaded websites also don’t really help the audience and can result in a loss of conversions.

An explainer video on your website is more likely to catch the attention of the users and provide them with all the essential information in one place. This is likely to help you rank on the first page of search results and have more users consume your content completely instead of them reading the content on your website.

5. Help the audience retain information

90% of the information transmitted by our brain is visual in nature. Visuals are processed faster than text by our brain. Hence, it is always better to display information about your brand on video than in text.

6. A good brand pitch goes a long way

You can always make a better brand pitch to your audience with a video than text. Sure, you can convey the information in a creative way, but people are looking for entertainment and action when they watch a video. Something that grabs their attention and convinces them that your product is the solution to their problem.

Videos can be anything you want them to be. From simple text animation to fully scripted masterpieces, the message you want to convey is portrayed to the audience in a form that keeps them interested, making sure that they remember your brand.

7. Get your video on the #2 ranked search engine – Youtube

What better way to go viral than to be on the second highest-ranked search engine on the internet? Not just that, it is easy to upload and share videos online.

8. Building brand personality and brand association

Explainer videos can help with building brand personality as there are various elements like character, text, sound, etc. that are used that can portray a certain brand image and ultimately portray the brand personality more effectively.

9. Establishing Credibility

If you are a startup or a new business, then the chances are that you have to establish your credibility and build trust with your audience. These videos can be used to establish credibility with your audience; you can use it to show them how you work and what you have to offer. You can also mention any previous customers you have helped and have little client testimonials as well.

10. They can be repurposed as ads

Ads that pop up on their feed are usually ignored by most users. But video is a medium that grabs your attention; it is also the medium with the highest click-through rates on Digital Medium.

In conclusion, Explainer videos are really important in helping the customer understand your product offering. It is also a great way to get your customers to retain the information that you want to convey and make brand associations with your solution offering. It has the potential to go viral if made properly and used on Social Media, and it can be repurposed to use as an ad.

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